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April 30, 2012 by Neilo
Hey all, haven't been able to load the GC2 or the WC forums for days now. Here is the screenie,

Same thing happens with Demigod forums as well.

Elemental, Stardock, JoeUser, SINS and Polmachine all seem to work fine but do load slow.

Odd thing is, i don't see any posts in any other forum about this and there seems to be activity in the forums i mentioned, leading me to beleive i have fallen of the edge of the world.

March 5, 2012 by Neilo
I like my bookmarks well organized, but one set of bookmarks that do not organize well are some of the SD sites, more specifically, their forums sites, since they lack favicons for them.
I use eight SD sites regularly, but of those eight only four of them have favicons for their forum pages, which leaves me with four default icons for SD forums sites, and no clear way to tell which is which. (other than i have memorized the order)

GalCiv2, SINS, PoliticalMachine and joeuser all lack the favi...
February 25, 2012 by Neilo
I was browsing some of the new skins and came across a real beauty that i want to add to favorites, as a reminder for me to download later when i was on my PC. I clicked Add to Favorites and was presented with an odd message about personal sites, i figured this was because i wasn't logged in.

Once home tried again and was presented with the same error.

Does Add to Favorites not work anymore? Or am i being supremely dumb and missing something.

Thanks guys.

April 23, 2009 by Neilo
Bara, i know you busy and all, but since you have been tweaking the forums of late i thought I'd throw out the suggestion of a "Unsubscribe from Thread" feature.

I know there are plenty of folks who after making a reply in a topic, then see that topic listed in their my replies long after their interest has faded on that topic.

This would be most helpful for in the OT forums where topics can digress from the OP quite easily, making further contributions non existent.  But i see a use ...