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Published on March 6, 2012 By Neilo In Object Desktop

Looking to renew my ODU after some time and on the SD store page it has no option to renew. Is this still viable (and cheaper than buying outright again)? Is there a renew time limit, my ODU ran out in late '09?
I have a renew button attached to ODU in Impulse, but i'm very wary about using that, since i don't beleive that will do anything since the sale.

Am i being blind and not seeing a renew button anywhere?


on Mar 06, 2012


Renewal $24.95

No, don't use Impulse.

And after you renew download apps from here:


on Mar 06, 2012

Also,if you have installed anything through Impulse, you will need to uninstall it with Impulse before you install the store version. That means all of ODNT if you had it all installed.

Only then should you uninstall Impulse.


on Mar 06, 2012

Thanks Wizard but it's a new win7 install, so no OD components are there.

And thanks Dave!! 
I could not find the renew function anywhere! (puts glasses back on!)

on Mar 06, 2012

Jeez!  Give the Stardockians a chance to answer the easy ones once in a while.

[e digicons]:'([/e]

on Mar 06, 2012

All done and bought! Yay! I have WB back (i lost my archive).....think i was getting withdrawals!

on Mar 06, 2012

For a peek at what we're replacing Impulse with soon, check this out:


on Mar 06, 2012

Oh, i know....everytime that thread pops up in my replies i think "yay finally" LOL [e digicons]:'([/e]

on Mar 14, 2012

i was getting withdrawals!

on Mar 14, 2012

[quote who="Neilo" reply="7" id="3101884"]Oh, i know....everytime that thread pops up in my replies i think "yay finally" LOL
[/quote.  well it is here at last.(and works just fine)

on Mar 14, 2012

Installed it about 2 seconds after Brad posted about it! I'm happy as a pig in shit...no more Impulse!!

on Mar 14, 2012

Yes, for those who didn't know, the new SDC is now available, though still in beta:


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