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Published on March 5, 2012 By Neilo In Forum Issues

I like my bookmarks well organized, but one set of bookmarks that do not organize well are some of the SD sites, more specifically, their forums sites, since they lack favicons for them.
I use eight SD sites regularly, but of those eight only four of them have favicons for their forum pages, which leaves me with four default icons for SD forums sites, and no clear way to tell which is which. (other than i have memorized the order)

GalCiv2, SINS, PoliticalMachine and joeuser all lack the favicon their parent site uses, where Demigod, wincustomize, elemental and the Stardock.com do have them?

Has this been noticed, or am i one of the few who care? Is it difficult for you guys to fix? (Bara?) I realize this has no bearing on site functionality, but it's a shame that these sites lack the icons other SD sites have?

Any chance of this being rectified? I'm sure you guys must have noticed, i've always assumed though this is such a low level issue, it's never been addressed. won't know till i ask though.

PS - i was using favicon picker FF extension to make up for this, but it's not compatible with the current version of FF.

on Mar 06, 2012

reeeeeaaaaad meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

on Mar 06, 2012

All of the forums should have favicons now. Also, please be patient with us in the future. Sometimes we have a lot on our plates and may not get to forum-related issues for a few days.


on Mar 06, 2012

Also, please be patient with us in the future.

Ohh, that wasn't meant to incite you guys...sorry, poor choice of wording, i just wanted the thread to be seen in "My Replies"..

Sorry Bara, and nice work mate!!!

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