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No, it's not spam, just me doing a good deed!
Published on February 18, 2012 By Neilo In Personal Computing

Hi all!
I recently updated my BitDefender Internet Suite to the 2012 version and in doing so have been given free licenses for BitDefender AV 2012. Now all my PC's and the ones i look after all use Internet Suites, so stand alone AV's are more than useless to me, so i'm more than happy to offer them up to anyone who needs one.

You must download, install and activate within 30 days, but it's a genuine deal (see link) and i wont be using any of them, so i have 5 keys to give to those who would need an AV, so please post and ill inbox you the key.

If not, check out the deal, if your in need of upgrading your Suite/AV it's a good deal, had i known about it i would have bought Total Security 2012 and got the 5 free Suite licenses.

Anyway, free to good home people, so enjoy!


on Feb 18, 2012

3 2 keys left.


on Feb 18, 2012

I'll give it a go. Always good to have a bit xtra.

on Feb 19, 2012

Sure mate, i'l pm you a license.

Surprised no one else has taken up the offer. I can understand trepidation over this, but the link is genuine, one only needs to check it out to be sure.

I simply have no use for these, hope ya'll can make use of them, i'd hate to see them go to waste.

on Feb 19, 2012

Is BitDefender any good? I'm using AVG Anti-virus on my home computer.

on Feb 19, 2012

Ive been using Bitdefender security suite for the past 12months, having been a Kaspersky user for many years prior to that.
It's unobtrusive, and very easy to use. One of it's better features, and why i switched to it in the first place, is its gaming mode. It has auto detect gaming mode, which makes life nice and easy. It shifts seamlessly between modes and i havent had any issue with the firewall playing online at all.

Obviously thats using the suite (av + firewall) but even the AV has impressed me. it updates quietly and it has kept me clean this past 12 months.
since i moved to bitdefender, i have only needed it and Sbybot...i still have my win defender and malware bytes installed, but i don't need them.

Sorry, i'm starting to sound like i work for the Pr dept at bitdefender!! LOL

I like it, it works, and im happy i made the move. I moved on from AVG a few years ago now, i couldn't imagine going back.
Let me know if you want one of the keys.

on Feb 19, 2012

I'll give it a go Neilo! And which one is it...I see 3 choices.

on Feb 19, 2012

It's just the AV i have the keys for mate. I bought the Internet Security Suite, then got mailed about this offer. Had i known, i would have bought the total Security, which would have got me 5 free Security Suites...which would have been a big plus. (though i would have used 2 of them!!)

I'll send PM with license key in it!

on Feb 19, 2012

on Feb 19, 2012

if there is still a key going, i would gladly give it a go

on Feb 19, 2012

Been using Bitdefender for 7 years and love it.

on Feb 19, 2012

I'm a late comer to Bitdefender, but i can see myself staying with it for some time. Kaspersky i still think is a viable alternative, but it just got a little too resource heavy for me. (I'm anal about what processes and how many of them i have running).
Bitdefender is cheaper than Kaz too! I got the Internet Security Suite for $31...love that Aussie exchange rate these days!!

Nimbin, i'll send you a PM with a key mate!

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